Optimising process and product engineering using fluid dynamics

Your reliable partner for theoretical surveys and practical project support

Here you can have a closer look at our services which mainly deals with improving products and processes of different plant types by means of fluid simulation tools.

As there are highly individual optimisation opportunities at each customer, we deliberately offer customisable solutions and work together with you so that you will know in advance what improvement they will bring: thus you can be sure to invest effectively in efficiency.

Our expertise is based on the practical application of fluid simulations in projects and on developing programming tools in a scientific and academic context.

Therefore, we are able to offer you a maximum level of support. From the theoretical groundwork to the practical implementation: we will accompany your project closely and trustworthily to ensure the best possible optimisation effect.

And even if you have questions on combustion methods, flue gas cleaning or how to reduce emissions we are able to provide effective advice thanks to our knowledge in state-of-the-art power and process engineering.

We seek to offer a most comprehensive support of our customers to allow for a consistent development, implementation and clear documentation of all project stages. By doing so, changes emerging during the course of the project can be recognised and integrated without requiring a new concept and the follow-up cost related to that.





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